Bridging the Gap: Opioids and the Emergency Department

Hospital emergency departments (EDs) are the frontline of the opioid crisis that has had a stronghold on our country. More than two million Americans have an opioid use disorder, and deaths in the United States from opioid overdoses have increased 600% since 1999, rising to a record 47,600 in 2017.

In Virginia, drug overdose deaths, the vast majority of which involve opioids, now exceed fatalities from guns and traffic accidents.


Health Care, Special Needs and Your Child's School

elementary kids in classroom holding books in front of chalkboard

A new school year can be stressful for several reasons, especially for those of us with kids who have medical conditions or learning needs that require special attention.

The good news is, there are plans that can be written specific to your child’s needs that can help parents, students, teachers, nurses and staff be on the same page.

Written plans act as an agreement between students and the school to make sure that barriers are removed, and accommodations are made so that your child can get the most out of their education.



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